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Main Office: 203-562-4514

NWNH is a HUD approved housing counseling agency. Upon completion of the 8 Hour Homebuyer Certification Class, attendees will receive a CHFA and FHA required certificate. Please contact Jose Santos at: if you need an accommodation for the class or counseling services due to an impairment, disability, or language barrier.

NeighborWorks® New Horizons offers a wide variety of programs and services.


Resident Specific Programs

Youth Programs NWNW currently has two youth curriculums, The After-School Program and the Summer Program. Both courses focus on reading, financial literacy, and leadership skills for our resident youth in New Haven, CT. The Programs center on 6-12 year olds and engage them in a variety of free educational and recreational activities throughout the year hosted by NWNH, volunteers, and professionals. 

Community Wide Initiatives

First Time Homebuyer Education teaches future homeowners all aspects of the home buying process; including mortgage pre-qualification, the importance of credit scoring, prospecting for a home, the sales contract, mortgage insurance, the closing, budgeting and sustaining the home physically and financially after the purchase. NeighborWorks® New Horizons began this program in 2004 to meet the needs of residents who had achieved economic independence.

Budget Coaching helps individuals to create an individual spending plan to reach their financial goals.   Budget coaching discusses the importance of learning to manage income and expenses.  It also discusses the importance of paying yourself first, money gobblers, prioritizing debts, wants vs. needs, and reviewing your yearly credit reports.  The instructor helps each person create a plan of action and learn how to negotiate with creditors when necessary.  The coaching can serve as preventative measures and develops financial capabilities.

Ready to Rent is a home readiness training that helps individuals deal with possible issues that might act as barriers when seeking quality housing.  This class focuses on the resident and landlord responsibilities.  The course describes what is expected and required to be a good tenant.   Some topics discussed are Fair Housing Laws, tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, leasing contracts, security deposits, maintaining appropriate housekeeping, and accepting responsibilities for past rental issues. Learning financial literacy is an added bonus to this class. This class is required for all prospective NWNH residents.